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I got out of bed for this!?

Journal of a geek goddess.

Geek Goddess
24 September 1980

I'm a 20-something army brat that's spent most of my time living in Texas (far too humid for humans to live). I've got a pretty close knit family and an ever growing extended family. I spend most of my time on computers, and I'm good at design of all sorts. I'm also a crafter and pack rat, so my room is rather crowded. ^_^;

Some of my favorite shows include CSI, Doctor Who, Forever Knight, Start Trek: The Next Generation, Invisible Man, Keeping Up Appearances, Teen Titans, and Torchwood.

I've also gotten really into anime with a pretty wide variety of favs: Cowboy Bebop, Nerima Daikon Brothers, The Wallflower, PaniPoni Dash, Ghost Stories, Trinity Blood, and Bleach.

You'll find that most of my posts on here will be art related, normally being either icons or wallpapers and normally focusing on whatever or whoever has currently captured my attention.



I've made several different shops on Cafepress as a secondary source of income. I'm constantly creating new designs and when I do, you can rest assured that I'll add the link for it right here.

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