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Layout problem resolved

Ok, so I figured out that for whatever reason, my layout was being messed up by a table I had in one of my posts (or vise versa, depending on how you want to read the situation). It seems as though changing up the layout a bit managed to straighten things out.

My appoligies to anyones friends page that may have suffered from my journals wonky scripting.

PS - Five gold stars to anyone who recognizes what show the header image is from!


Layout Problems

Ok, I don't know why, but the coding on my pages is all wonky and is hiding part of the first post of the page... Which is rather silly to say since you may not be able to read this after I've posted it.

But anyway, I'm gonna trying working on the problem as much as I can, but I don't know if I'll be able to figure out what's wrong.


Community Pimpage

For the whole 0 of you out there that look at this thing (When I bother to actually acknowledge I have a personal journal) I've got a little bit of pimpage to do.

Sign-Ups for Round Three are OPEN!

On other news, no, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet even if it seems that way. No, I've just been posting in a lot of other communities instead of doing anything with my own journal besides making yet another new layout.
I swear that I'll have some new icons up as soon as real life calms down (Sister's moving out and I'm wicked sick right now.), but till then, everyone take care!.

Your Not-So-Humble Geek Goddess.

26 HP Icons

     Alrighty, we've got mostly a bunch of icons from GoF with a small smattering of actor pics and one pic from OotP. There are also a couple OotP quote icons in here. After recently rereading the book (I lost track of how many times by now) I was struck by how many times Harry has a smartass comeback to something said to him, so I decided to start making icons out of them. More will follow when I've got more time to work on them. Christmas is a killer...

     If you can't tell, my style was all over the place this time and I really hope they all turned out pretty good.

     Click the link and enjoy the HP goodness...

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Icons100 Challenge: Dr. Sam Beckett

Subject: Quantum Leap : Dr. Samuel Beckett
Batch: Batch #3
Themes: Magical, Brightness, Rain, Lost, Wicked, Smile, Misery, From Now On, My Drug, 16 Artist's Choice.
Additonal Notes: New icons have highlighted text in red. My rules and resources can be found here.


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